Music Unites Europe


Music Unites Europe is an annual seminar to be held in the days leading up to Sølund Music-Festival.

Music Unites Europe invites a variety of bands from three to four different European countries in addition to bands from Denmark to a musical seminar with workshops and gatherings. The musicians of the invited bands are challenged with lasting mental and/or physical disabilities.

The leaders of the workshops are professional practitioners within their profession (drums, interaction etc.). If possible internationally recognized.

Each seminar is finalized with the participating bands performing at one of Sølund Music-Festival’s five stages. In particular we focus on all bands playing and acting in the “Inclusive Tuesday”. That is what we call the reverse inclusion party at Sølund Music-Festival, where anyone has access to community music, love and togetherness – the colors that Sølund Music-Festival are panted in.


MUE is a part of ‘Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture’. The title European Capital of Culture represents one of the most prestigious and prominent cultural events in Europe. Throughout 2017 more than 400 cultural events will take place in our region.

We participate in activities in June, and we are the leading part in the project “Kultur Der Dur” in late august at Klostertorv in Aarhus.


The people behind Sølund Music-Festival – the world’s largest festival for and with people with disabilities – are the founders of Music Unites Europe.
Sølund Music-Festival has more than 30 years of experience facilitating and embracing the culture that people with disabilities create.

For almost 30 years Sølund Music-Festival has been a unique musical forum. 72 hours of music, drama, entertainment and love give the audience and artists an opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends with people from all over the world. Together we enjoy music, have fun and maybe some will find a loved one as a pleasant bonus.
In 1986 Sølund Music-Festival took place for the first time with 1800 visitors. Since 2009 the festival has annually sold the equivalent of 14,000-day tickets. This shows that there is an enormous need for these kinds of activities.

On several occasions we have shared our knowledge and experiences with European friends and professional relations. Thus we have been the catalyst for similar festivals in Eskilstuna in Sweden and Evregem in Belgium.

We want to create local platforms all over the world where culture – especially music – should form the foundation.


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